Use BNB to pay fees. Why is my loss so large so quickly?

It is highly recommended to use BNB to pay fees. For example, XRP can only be bought and sold in full units. If not using BNB for fees, and you buy 10 XRP, 0.01 XRP will be taken from your purchase to pay the fee leaving you with 9.99 XRP to sell. The issue here is that XRP can only be sold in full units (the step size), leaving you with only 9 units to sell. Maker will only consider the sellable portion of your purchase when calculating profit and loss.

The fix is to use BNB as your fee currency.

Does Maker run in the cloud?

No, Maker does not run in the cloud. It is an application you run on your own computer. However, you could run Maker in the cloud on your own VPS.

Does Maker have to be running to execute trades?

Yes, the Maker application has to keep running to execute trades. However, your browser does not need to be connected for it to keep running.

Why don’t you support feature XXX?

I make Maker for myself and release it for free, with the source code for others that may find it useful. There are other tools out there that you can pay for that provide more features such as:

However, I am listening and will continue to add features that make sense and that I can reasonably test and maintain.

Do you have a dark theme?

No, and I don’t plan to do one as I’m not a designer. If someone wants to contribute one and maintain it, I’d consider including it. This is also why the application looks like it was built with default Bootstrap, which it is.

How can I support the project?

See here.