Getting Started

Binance Setup

Before starting, head over to Binance and setup your API key and secret. The API key must have trading enabled, but it does not require withdrawals, and you should probably have withdrawals disabled.

It is also highly recommended to use BNB as a fee currency to avoid surprises.

Download the Maker Application

Download the application for your platform from:

At this time only builds for Linux/x86_64, Windows/x86_64 and MacOS/x86_64 are provided.




At this time there is no real installer for Windows. The application is just an exe file inside the zip archive.

  • Extract the zip file and double click on maker.exe. The zip file must be extracted, it will not work properly if running from the compressed folder.
  • Alternatively you can run maker.exe from from the command prompt.


You may get a warning about the app being untrusted. To run Maker you are going to have to allow it to run.

Linux and MacOS

Extract the zip file and run:

./maker server

First Run

If your browser didn’t open to the Maker app by default, open your browser to http://localhost:6045.

As this is the first time the app has run it will now ask for your Binance API key and secret. Enter them in the form provided, Test, then Save. You will only be given the option to Save your API details if the authentication test passes.


Maker is not a cloud based application and only connects to Binance. Your API key and secret are only transmitted between your computer and Binance in a secure manner.