Binance Trading Tool - Source Code Released

June 11, 2018

I’m releasing the source code for my Binance Trading tool today over on GitHub. I had to disable a few things that wouldn’t be clear to people who weren’t the developer, and I haven’t tagged a binary release yet.

The app is a web application, however, you run the server locally on your work laptop, desktop, whatever. When first connected you will be taken to a setup page to add your Binance API key and secret. I want to make it clear that this information is only transferred between your computer at the Binance servers. This application has no server side component other than the one that is hosted by you, on your own computer.

There are still lots of features missing like a CSV export, or even browsing historical trades. But as everything is stored in a database, that information for trades made now will become available.

Note: This is pre-beta software and many things are subject to change.

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