Remote Access: Experimental TLS and Authentication

March 13, 2019

One of the most common requests I get these days is the ability to run Maker on a remote machine, such as a VPS, or just being able to access the UI remotely from another computer in the house or a phone.

Some more technical users have already figured this out using SSH tunneling, but that can still be a hassle, especially when using your phone. A reverse proxy is another option, but requires managing another piece of software.

I’ve finally merged authentication and TLS support into the master branch of code, this has been in some form of development for months now and I’m happy say that I’m not using it myself.

To enable remote access a few things need to be done:

Putting it all together you will want to start Maker with a command line something like:

maker server --host --tls --auth

Be sure to watch the output as the server starts, it will tell you the username (always maker for now) and the password. This is the only time you will see the password so put it in a password manager or something. There is no way to recover it, however it can be reset.

Oh, if you got here and its still not working, remember that you take all responsibility by enabling remote access, any issues that arise from allowing remote access is your fault. So remember, --its-all-my-fault.

This feature is experimental and requires the latest development build of Maker found here:

For now it is also your responsibility to keep the Maker server running on your remote machine. If this is a Linux VPS, I suggest using terminal multiplexer such as tmux or screen. Or better yet, hook it into systemd or something.

And remember, the risk is yours. SSH tunneling is arguable the most secure way to access this service remotely. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.